Friday, January 20, 2012

Fess Up Friday

It's been a while since I did this, but I've got some fessin' up to do today. And I think it's pretty good. Or bad. Whichever.

  • My hubby's grandpa was just diagnosed with lung cancer, so Matt went up to Michigan to visit him. I got online to find cheap tickets and was able to get last minute flights for my hubby and his brother for less than $700. Which was awesome. Until I didn't realize that their flight departed from Love Field, not DFW Airport. So they had to pay an extra $100 to transfer their flight because I dropped them off at the wrong airport.
  • So Matt's gone and the only thing I've REALLY smiled about in the last 24 hours was last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory. Forget anti-depressants. Apparently they don't work if you don't have a husband.
  • This morning I woke myself up by talking in my sleep. I was telling one of my students to sit down. This was after dreaming about physically restraining a particularly disrespectful 5th grade girl, and yelling at a certain 5th grade boy, asking him why he is so rude. And I thought I liked my job...
  • During one of my classes, I told a 1st grade boy to keep his eyes on his own computer. He ignored me. So I said it a little louder. Still ignored me. I called his name, and he STILL ignored me. I shouted his name and he finally looked at me (as did half of the other kids in the room) and the little girl sitting next to him said, "That's not Will, that's Caleb." Oops. I did apologize for yelling at him.
  • It's 2:45 and I haven't been to the bathroom since 6:20am when I got up. I think I might wet my pants. If I do, you'll hear about it next Friday, I'm sure.
  • I'm addicted to Facebook Gaming. Triple Town and Gardens of Time, specifically. And apparently, I am smarter than a fifth grader, which is way more affirming than it should be.
  • I am also addicted to my Jason Mraz Pandora station. I also added We Are the In Crowd to the influences for that station and I've been rocking out. I need to start working out, which I thought of because "rocking out" sounds a lot like "working out" to me.
I think that about covers it for this week. See? Didn't I tell you it was good? Or bad? Whichever.