Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rain, Hail and Swirling Vortexes

It's tornado season. As I type this, I can hear the rain beating against the window and I am just waiting for the "Emergency Alert System" to start blaring from the TV that my fiance is watching. I don't know what the rest of tonight will hold as far as the storms go, but it seems to me that there has been a lot of disaster lately. Between the flooding in the Mississippi River basin and the tornados in Alabama and Missouri and the one that touched down not 10 miles from my house earlier this evening, combined with the arrest and suicide of a local pastor and the continued unrest in the middle east, I'm feeling like the world cannot continue like this much longer.

As much as I disagree with those who would try to predict the day that the world is going to end, I cannot say that I blame them for thinking that the end must be near. This is a sad and scary world that we live in. But in the middle of all this sin and destruction, there is hope.

And that wonderful hope is that God is in control. And He works all to His glory. I cannot say that I understand how He will gain glory from what I see to be horrendous disaster, but I can most certainly take comfort in the fact that He is a very good God, and that everything He does has a purpose.

Being reminded of the wretchedness of this world makes me long for the perfection, peace and joy of Heaven, which is a wonderful thing. Too often I get caught up in the temporal pleasures of this life. It is good to be reminded that this is not our home.

Hosanna Adonai. Come, Lord.

Friday, May 20, 2011

'Fess Up Friday... I Got Nothing


So... it's Friday again. and I'm not all that excited. I usually love Fridays. But this Friday is just taunting me. Because it's not next Friday, which just happens to be the last day of school. That Friday is looking all bright and shiny and special. Which makes this cloudy, rainy Friday look like... well... a cloudy, rainy Friday and when school is over today, I will go home and have nothing to do because most of my friends are busy (work, families, other plans) and my fiance is going to be busy with his buddies at his bachelor party and I won't even be allowed to tex him.
Well, I can probably text him, but I've been informed that he will not be allowed to text me back. And I don't really want to text him during his bachelor party. That would kind of defeat the purpose of a bachelor party.
I feel really lame.
I didn't even change my Facebook status all week.
Maybe if I go shopping I will feel better.
But I think that will probably remind me that I haven't lost the weight that I need to lose for my wedding that is 3 weeks from tomorrow.
It's good to know that next Friday I will not be so depressed. I will be ecstatic about the end of school.
5 more days.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fess Up Friday


It's Friday! Blogger has been down all day and I've been so sad. But now it's back ond the world is right again. What a crazy week. Two more weeks of school and I'm getting antsy. 10 more days. There is so much to do! Between running inventory and trying to make sure all of the books come back and get repaired and shelved and trying to control the kiddo's in the cafeteria, I'm surprised I haven't lost my mind yet.
Added to that is the fact that my wedding is 4 weeks from tomorrow, and I've still got to send thank you cards for shower gifts, re-send the invitations that came back with an incorrect address, decide how I'm going to wear my hair, pay the florist, choose a punch recipe, and a dozen other things.
Woot. Gotta love being busy. Welp, on to the confessions.
  • I  led worship for evening service last Sunday. I wore a cute white skirt and a brown top with a pastel-melony colored cami. I was trying really hard to focus only on God while I played and sang, but all of a sudden, I started feeling this trickle of sweat run down the back of my leg, and all I could think about from that point on was, "Lord, please don't let anyone see!"
  • I've recently discovered that I have a mild lactose intolerance (as if I needed something else to add to my nerd factor). This week I decided to try removing dairy from my diet to see what happened. I posted that I was removing dairy from my diet on Facebook, after which I noticed that the ads that run on the margins of the page had changed from wedding-themed to soymilk and ice-cream. Not sure how those two go together.
  • I had two more things to add. I was thinking about them last night. I thought, "Oh yeah, I can't forget about these. I've got to remeber so that I can post them for Fess Up Friday...." Guess what. I forgot.
Sorry that's all I've got. I've got a shower for me this weekend, a shower for someone else and a wedding next weekend, a shower for me the next weekend and I'm getting married the weekend after that. Holy cow time is speeding by. My ringbearer pillow came in! It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be, but oh well.
Still waiting on the cake topper.

I'm really excited. Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Questions for me

Happy Thursday everyone. Although I have recently decided that Thursdays are pretty useless. (Except for the fact that The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursday nights) Seriously. Poor Thursday is the day stuck between Wednesday (Hooray, the week is half-over!!!) and Friday (WEEKEND!!!). It's not special and it's nothing to get excited about.

But I digress. I was reading Inside the Cabinet of Wonder and Nicola mentioned doing a question post. Once she explained the idea to me, I thought it sounded fun and now I am shamelessly copying her. So ask away! I'll collect the questions until I feel I've got enough to create a sufficiently interesting and lengthy post, answer them and then I will post the result.

Doesn't that sound fun? I think it does. Woot... Speaking of which, I need to check Woot.com, I haven't done that yet today!

I hope you find something good about Thursday!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Question for those who know more than I do

Today marks the beginning of the "One Month Till Marriage" countdown. Yikes!

Today, I'd like to blog about a situation that I don't know what to do about, and now seems to be resolved, but I can't because I don't want to talk badly about my fiance, whom I love very much and am trying very hard to respect.

Oy vey.

31 days to go.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Fess Up Friday


It's Friday, it's Friday... I'm so excited! Oh. Wait. I've got an inclement weather make up day tomorrow. Ugh. Oh well. Only 15 more days of school, and 17 more days of duty and then... SUMMER. Then 2 more weeks and then... MARRIAGE. Eek. Time is flying and crawling at the same time. It's kind of like when I was little and Christmas seemed to take forever to get here, but it's different.
 Oh well, on to the 'fessions. :-)
  • I am in love with a book written for kindergarteners.
Isn't it cute?!?!? But why, you may ask, is this a confession?
Because I don't have children.
  • Along the same lines, I started a book by one of my favorite British authors on my birthday (in March). I still haven't finished it (or the other 2 books I bought with it) because I'm too busy reading books that were written for little kids. See the following:
  • Exhibit A
Exhibit B

And the slighty less embarassing because it has more than 10 pages,
Exhibit C
  • I played Scrabble with Amanda Jo last night. I won. By like, 30 points.
    We're hanging out again on Saturday. I probably should not have bragged about beating her because pride comes before a fall.
    Not sure if this counts as a confession, but I wanted to brag, pride fall or not.
  • I was in charge of bringing the snacks to Amanda's last night, I was really good and brought carrot and celery sticks. Then this morning, I went to the donut store. Oops.
  • I tried to say "phooey' and "poop" at the same time, in reaction to something not fun that had happened. I don't remember why I said it, I just know that when I tried to combine "phooey" and "poop", I got "foop"
    I don't even wanna know what "foop" would look like.
  • I had to edit this post 3 times because I kept forgetting things I needed to put on here, like the "Fess up Button". The last time I had to click the "Edit Post" button, it was because I forgot to add that I had had to edit the post 3 times. Blah
I think that's all I've got for today. I'll add more if something else occurs to me. Have a great weekend everyone! And hug your momma. She deserves it, I know mine does!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Wow. It's not even 9:00 and this Monday is already par for the course. I can't find my keys ANYWHERE, so Matt had to drive me to work this morning. I'm not sure how I'm going to get home. Locked inside my car are my school ID, my school keys, all of my jackets, extra wedding invitations, address labels and stamps. I still can't find my guitar chord notebook, and I'm supposed to be leading a night of worship at Bible study tonight.

To top it all off, it's raining and cold and my asthma is having a field day. Ugh. Happy Monday, right?