Friday, May 20, 2011

'Fess Up Friday... I Got Nothing


So... it's Friday again. and I'm not all that excited. I usually love Fridays. But this Friday is just taunting me. Because it's not next Friday, which just happens to be the last day of school. That Friday is looking all bright and shiny and special. Which makes this cloudy, rainy Friday look like... well... a cloudy, rainy Friday and when school is over today, I will go home and have nothing to do because most of my friends are busy (work, families, other plans) and my fiance is going to be busy with his buddies at his bachelor party and I won't even be allowed to tex him.
Well, I can probably text him, but I've been informed that he will not be allowed to text me back. And I don't really want to text him during his bachelor party. That would kind of defeat the purpose of a bachelor party.
I feel really lame.
I didn't even change my Facebook status all week.
Maybe if I go shopping I will feel better.
But I think that will probably remind me that I haven't lost the weight that I need to lose for my wedding that is 3 weeks from tomorrow.
It's good to know that next Friday I will not be so depressed. I will be ecstatic about the end of school.
5 more days.


North of 25A said...

Funny! Thanks for your nice comment and the reminder about the cartoon which, you're right, is ideal. Since I'm with you - I got nothin' - I will recycle it. Hope you have a good weekend. Wedding in 3 weeks? Wow! THAT is a big somethin'!

Nicola said...

thank you for my questions. i hope you like the answers! haha.

oh my goodness!! not long until your wedding!!! how amazing!! :D