Thursday, May 12, 2011

Questions for me

Happy Thursday everyone. Although I have recently decided that Thursdays are pretty useless. (Except for the fact that The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursday nights) Seriously. Poor Thursday is the day stuck between Wednesday (Hooray, the week is half-over!!!) and Friday (WEEKEND!!!). It's not special and it's nothing to get excited about.

But I digress. I was reading Inside the Cabinet of Wonder and Nicola mentioned doing a question post. Once she explained the idea to me, I thought it sounded fun and now I am shamelessly copying her. So ask away! I'll collect the questions until I feel I've got enough to create a sufficiently interesting and lengthy post, answer them and then I will post the result.

Doesn't that sound fun? I think it does. Woot... Speaking of which, I need to check, I haven't done that yet today!

I hope you find something good about Thursday!

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