Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday's Tidings

This has been such a dreary day. The weather is cold and wet and so far today, the following things have happened:
  • My mom texted me to tell me that my little sister is in the hospital
  • During my first class, a kid I don't normally have trouble with snapped at me,
  • My second class didn't come due to a field trip, and it's just been sooo slow.
  • I'm still waiting to hear from my mom that my sister is okay, and to top it all off,
  • I forgot that I needed to go to the store on my way to work this morning to get something to have for lunch.

Blah. I hope your Tuesday is going better than mine.

Monday, March 28, 2011

April Fool's... A Few Days Early

Last night at church, I go to talking with a friend about practical jokes. February 16 was their 16th wedding anniversary, and on their first April Fool's Day, she convinced him she was pregnant. Oh lordy. Anyway, to get in the spirit of this mischievous day, I wanted to know a little about it's history. I searched the topic on Wikipedia, and was unimpressed with the results. Apparently, no one really knows when the tradition of playing pranks on the "fool" began.

So then I wanted to know about the most hilarious pranks. Since I am not a prankster myself, I am always amazed at the creativity of those who are. (Once, after coming back to the office from a work-related trip, I discovered that a co-worker had wrapped EVERYTHING on my desk in newspaper. Every pen, every pencil, the tape dispenser, stapler, and even my computer... and it wasn't even April Fools!)

In that research, I found that many people have pulled some pretty epic pranks. I found some pictures on Google that I just had to share. Enjoy. And may you not be as horribly pranked as some of these people.

Personally, I find this one pretty tack-y. Sorry, couldn't help it, the pun just jumped out.

I don't even want to know where they got that much plastic wrap.

This is just mean.

I think that my friend would've done this, but it would've broken her heart to waste that many Post-It notes.

Friday, March 25, 2011

'Fess Up Friday

So I followed a friend of mine to a blog called Kissing the Joy as It Flies where I found something called "'Fess Up Friday". I'm jumping on the bandwagon and am going to start 'fessing up each Friday. Here we go.
  • I finally gave in and went to see the chiropractor my sister works for. When he popped my neck back into place, I cried. Not because it hurt, but because I can't stand the sound of popping joints.

  • Yesterday, I stuck to my Special K diet for lunch and breakfast, I did level two of Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred for the first time. On the way home from working out, I went to Wendy's and got extra chicken nuggets. Talk about cancelling out the good stuff.

  • I went to school yesterday wearing flip-flops. That's against the dress code. Why did I do this? I wasn't awake enough to realize what shoes I'd put on when I dressed myself.

  • I called a kid by the wrong name 4 times in 30 minutes. His last name is Polk. I keep calling him James, after the former President. Who was President from 1845-1849. It's not like I was alive then.

  • I found this picure. Enough said.

Alrighty, I think that'll do it for my first try. :-) Have a good weekend everyone!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Borrowing Underwear

Spring break is over. Sad day! It was sooo hard to get up this morning. At least I like my job and I was blessed by the time off. Such a busy week though! I feel like I hardly had time to breathe, which is not good, considering I was planning to sleep through the whole week. :-)

The break started early for me (due to food poisoning from my birthday dinner) and I spent most of Thursday and Friday in my bathroom, praying for Jesus to come back. By Friday evening though, I had managed to keep down a few slices of toast and was no longer running for the bathroom or gasping in pain as a cramp seemingly ripped through my abdomen. Praise God for acidophilus and for my friend Jacqueline, who told me about it.

Saturday began the family birthday celebrations, and I hung out with my family for most of the day (my sisters' birthdays are a week before and four days after mine). Sunday, we sprang forward and I still made it to church on time. :-) I was SOOO looking forward to catching some major Zzzz's while Matt worked on Monday, but at 7:30, my phone rang and it was my wonderful fiancé, who had hurt his wrist doing laundry (he tripped on a shirt). He thought it was broken and wanted me to take him to CareNow. So what did I do? I lugged myself out of bed and went to work out at 7:30 on the first day of Spring Break. Then I went and took Matt to CareNow. (His wrist is sprained, not broken). They told him not to go back to work till Saturday, so we got to spend the week together and that was really nice. We spent Tuesday doing wedding stuff (I picked out my flowers!!!) and on Wednesday, we had lunch with my grandparents.

Thursday and Friday, we babysat Amanda's little guy. We took him to the courthouse downtown on Thursday, and on Friday, we went all over kingdom come with him. My favorite moment from those two days? We went to Target because Matt needed to buy some underwear. Ethan didn't want to go shopping, apparently, because the next words out of his mouth were, "You can borrow some of my dad's."

What a week! 10 more weeks of school. 49 more school days (plus a few inservice days, but I'm not counting those). 12 total weeks until my wedding. I'm so excited!!! I hope the time flies by. Everyone keeps telling my that it will.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Check out this sweet action: I had my first fitting for alterations on my wedding dress last night. When I bought the dress, it was just a bit too small and we were planning to have it let out. That was when I went into panic mode concerning my weight and began the Special K diet and started working out two or 3 times a week. That was about a month and a half ago. Last night, when I tried on the dress, the seamstress told me that the dress fit perfectly around the middle and proceeded to pin it up to take it in around my bustline!!!!

And I bought my shoes!!! Sparkly white Converse sneakers. Heck yes. :-)

And today is my birthday. Such a good present. :-) Wedding in 93 days. Spring break in 2 days!!! Yay! Have a good afternoon everyone!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Counting Down

I've got several countdowns going on right now.
  • My wedding is in 96 days.
  • Spring Break starts in about 49 hours.
  • My birthday is in 2 days.
Woot! I am excited. I think I am going to sleep through spring break. Seriously. I'm just going to hibernate for the whole week. Ugh, too bad that would be a waste. :-)

Tomorrow is my first bridal fitting. I've got to go buy shoes tonight. Blah. I hate shoes. I want to go barefooted. But my mom says that's poor etiquette. And I think she's probably right. So it's off to the mall to buy shoes, because I still haven't spent a giftcard I got for Christmas.

In other news, I've done the 30-day Shred workout 3 times and while I still feel like it's kicking my butt, I can feel it getting easier. 7 more workouts and I'm going to move on to level 2. My goal is to shed about 20 pounds. Then I'll be 10 pounds away from my 2nd goal and from there I'll be 10 pounds away from my ultimate goal weight. I'm considering cutting out carbs for the next 4 weeks to see what that does, but I don't know if I have that kind of willpower. I've been trying to ask myself, "Is it worth it now to eat that large fry, or is it worth it now to skip the biggie fry and look stunning on my wedding day?" But I'm not sure I could convince myself to give up cereal, yeast rolls and fried chicken cold turkey just so I'll be super-skinny again.

One more random thing, how do you like the new look? I know I've been changing it a lot recently, but I think I've finally settled on something that's clean and attractive.

Wish me luck on my great shoe search! Have a great week everyone!

Friday, March 4, 2011

It's a New Day

Hello! It's been a while since we've chatted. How are you? I am doing much better than I was a couple of weeks ago. I've had a good conversation with the person I was so mad at, apologized for judging and reacting the way that I did. I participated with a youth retreat at FBC Watauga and was reminded of how every stinkin thing we go through, how every little thing about us, God created and intedns to use to bring glory to His name (amen!).I've been working out between 2 and 3 times a week, and yesterday I started a new workout plan (Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred).

What a humbling experience! You're supposed to do the 20 minute workout every day for 30 consecutive days. There are 3 levels to it, and I started on level 1 last night with my friend Jacqueline. I couldn't do the whole thing! I am SO badly out of shape that I couldn't even get completely through the work out correctly. I didn't stop, but I really wanted to stop. (I probably would've if I hadn't known I'd look like a wimp in front of my friend). There was a part of the strength training that instructed us to do push-ups, and I couldn't even do the girly ones! I'm not really sore today, but I can definitely tell that I did something unusual yesterday. I haven't yet done the workout today, and I'm a little worried about it. I'm hoping that I will be able to get out of bed on Saturday morning. Because I'm supposed to get up around 7:30am and go do the workout again with Jacqueline. I think I might be crazy, but I've always heard that there's a high price to pay for beauty... I just always equated it with the pain of having your eyebrows plucked or something like that.

I am glad that it is Friday. 98 days till my wedding, 7 days till Spring Break starts, and 4 days till my birthday. Lots of countdowns going on right now. :-) I hope you all have a great weekend!