Monday, March 21, 2011

Borrowing Underwear

Spring break is over. Sad day! It was sooo hard to get up this morning. At least I like my job and I was blessed by the time off. Such a busy week though! I feel like I hardly had time to breathe, which is not good, considering I was planning to sleep through the whole week. :-)

The break started early for me (due to food poisoning from my birthday dinner) and I spent most of Thursday and Friday in my bathroom, praying for Jesus to come back. By Friday evening though, I had managed to keep down a few slices of toast and was no longer running for the bathroom or gasping in pain as a cramp seemingly ripped through my abdomen. Praise God for acidophilus and for my friend Jacqueline, who told me about it.

Saturday began the family birthday celebrations, and I hung out with my family for most of the day (my sisters' birthdays are a week before and four days after mine). Sunday, we sprang forward and I still made it to church on time. :-) I was SOOO looking forward to catching some major Zzzz's while Matt worked on Monday, but at 7:30, my phone rang and it was my wonderful fiancé, who had hurt his wrist doing laundry (he tripped on a shirt). He thought it was broken and wanted me to take him to CareNow. So what did I do? I lugged myself out of bed and went to work out at 7:30 on the first day of Spring Break. Then I went and took Matt to CareNow. (His wrist is sprained, not broken). They told him not to go back to work till Saturday, so we got to spend the week together and that was really nice. We spent Tuesday doing wedding stuff (I picked out my flowers!!!) and on Wednesday, we had lunch with my grandparents.

Thursday and Friday, we babysat Amanda's little guy. We took him to the courthouse downtown on Thursday, and on Friday, we went all over kingdom come with him. My favorite moment from those two days? We went to Target because Matt needed to buy some underwear. Ethan didn't want to go shopping, apparently, because the next words out of his mouth were, "You can borrow some of my dad's."

What a week! 10 more weeks of school. 49 more school days (plus a few inservice days, but I'm not counting those). 12 total weeks until my wedding. I'm so excited!!! I hope the time flies by. Everyone keeps telling my that it will.

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