Monday, March 7, 2011

Counting Down

I've got several countdowns going on right now.
  • My wedding is in 96 days.
  • Spring Break starts in about 49 hours.
  • My birthday is in 2 days.
Woot! I am excited. I think I am going to sleep through spring break. Seriously. I'm just going to hibernate for the whole week. Ugh, too bad that would be a waste. :-)

Tomorrow is my first bridal fitting. I've got to go buy shoes tonight. Blah. I hate shoes. I want to go barefooted. But my mom says that's poor etiquette. And I think she's probably right. So it's off to the mall to buy shoes, because I still haven't spent a giftcard I got for Christmas.

In other news, I've done the 30-day Shred workout 3 times and while I still feel like it's kicking my butt, I can feel it getting easier. 7 more workouts and I'm going to move on to level 2. My goal is to shed about 20 pounds. Then I'll be 10 pounds away from my 2nd goal and from there I'll be 10 pounds away from my ultimate goal weight. I'm considering cutting out carbs for the next 4 weeks to see what that does, but I don't know if I have that kind of willpower. I've been trying to ask myself, "Is it worth it now to eat that large fry, or is it worth it now to skip the biggie fry and look stunning on my wedding day?" But I'm not sure I could convince myself to give up cereal, yeast rolls and fried chicken cold turkey just so I'll be super-skinny again.

One more random thing, how do you like the new look? I know I've been changing it a lot recently, but I think I've finally settled on something that's clean and attractive.

Wish me luck on my great shoe search! Have a great week everyone!

1 comment:

Amanda Jo said...

Personally, I LOOOOOVE the new look!!! It's refreshing!

I cannot believe your wedding day is so close! Seems like time is flying!

If you're afraid of being too bored over Spring Break and looking for a little extra dough - let me know - we're looking for a sitter for Ethan. ;)

I am super proud of your continued progress and dedcation to lose weight. I personally don't think you need to lose any but you're certainly inspiring!