Monday, March 28, 2011

April Fool's... A Few Days Early

Last night at church, I go to talking with a friend about practical jokes. February 16 was their 16th wedding anniversary, and on their first April Fool's Day, she convinced him she was pregnant. Oh lordy. Anyway, to get in the spirit of this mischievous day, I wanted to know a little about it's history. I searched the topic on Wikipedia, and was unimpressed with the results. Apparently, no one really knows when the tradition of playing pranks on the "fool" began.

So then I wanted to know about the most hilarious pranks. Since I am not a prankster myself, I am always amazed at the creativity of those who are. (Once, after coming back to the office from a work-related trip, I discovered that a co-worker had wrapped EVERYTHING on my desk in newspaper. Every pen, every pencil, the tape dispenser, stapler, and even my computer... and it wasn't even April Fools!)

In that research, I found that many people have pulled some pretty epic pranks. I found some pictures on Google that I just had to share. Enjoy. And may you not be as horribly pranked as some of these people.

Personally, I find this one pretty tack-y. Sorry, couldn't help it, the pun just jumped out.

I don't even want to know where they got that much plastic wrap.

This is just mean.

I think that my friend would've done this, but it would've broken her heart to waste that many Post-It notes.


Amanda Jo said...

You are correct on the whole post-it thing - if they were free, I would have TOTALLY done that. They are a precious resource. Very underrated.

You forgot to tell them about the time I hacked your MySpace and Trekked it up. And when I signed you up for all of those mailing lists.

Kira said...

Oh my word, that water on the people IS so mean!! And yet strangely funny because it's not me.

I can top the one with the saran-wrapped car.

When I was in highschool my friends brought over a restaurant-sized box (we're talking 3000+ feet) of saran wrap and wrapped my entire car with it. They interspersed inflated balloons in between the layers. My car looked like..... I don't have a good analogy. It looked like it'd been wrapped with 3000 feet of saran wrap and balloons. You couldn't even see the car.

Pretty epic. The best part was my dad catching them in the middle of the night and chasing them off in his bathrobe.