About Me

Hi everyone!
I am

Matt's wife
a friend
my mother's daughter
the oldest sister
an educational assistant
a singer
a great cook, working on becoming an awesome one
an amateur guitarist
a Christ-follower
all this, and more.

I am 24 years old (for now),
learing how to be married,
working a job that I LOVE,
and trying to figure out how to keep a house.

Always looking for new recipes,
but I'm limited by my pickiness, so if there's
onions or tomatoes
in something, I'll either leave them out
never use the recipe.
So I feel bad for my husband,
who will eat anything except mayonnaise
and Jerk-style Turkey burgers, it turns out.

If you can teach me how to make sushi,
we just might become

I love my hair,
I hate it at the same time.

I'm trying to figure out this blogging thing
bear with me.