Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rain, Hail and Swirling Vortexes

It's tornado season. As I type this, I can hear the rain beating against the window and I am just waiting for the "Emergency Alert System" to start blaring from the TV that my fiance is watching. I don't know what the rest of tonight will hold as far as the storms go, but it seems to me that there has been a lot of disaster lately. Between the flooding in the Mississippi River basin and the tornados in Alabama and Missouri and the one that touched down not 10 miles from my house earlier this evening, combined with the arrest and suicide of a local pastor and the continued unrest in the middle east, I'm feeling like the world cannot continue like this much longer.

As much as I disagree with those who would try to predict the day that the world is going to end, I cannot say that I blame them for thinking that the end must be near. This is a sad and scary world that we live in. But in the middle of all this sin and destruction, there is hope.

And that wonderful hope is that God is in control. And He works all to His glory. I cannot say that I understand how He will gain glory from what I see to be horrendous disaster, but I can most certainly take comfort in the fact that He is a very good God, and that everything He does has a purpose.

Being reminded of the wretchedness of this world makes me long for the perfection, peace and joy of Heaven, which is a wonderful thing. Too often I get caught up in the temporal pleasures of this life. It is good to be reminded that this is not our home.

Hosanna Adonai. Come, Lord.

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Amanda Jo said...

Those storms were CRAZY! I am so glad that God is in control!!!!!

Your wedding is right around the corner!! :D