Friday, December 9, 2011

I'm Hungry

and Pinterest isn't helping! I missed breakfast this morning because didn't realize that tonight's dinner plan was to make game hens in the crockpot until 6:42 this morning as I was putting the milk back in the fridge and saw the hens, all thawed out and waiting to be potted. So I dumped my cereal down the drain and threw together what I am sure will not be my most spectacular meal ever. Although, I did get all the ingredients into the pot. So that fiasco made me 5 minutes late to leave the house, which meant that I dropped my hubby off at work 5 mintues later than I normally do, but I still had time to make a Mickey D's run. Until an enormous contruction vehicle pulled into the road in front of me, blocking my lane and the passing lane and moved forward so unbelievably slowly. I think I saw a snail sludge past me. Seriously. By the time the monstrosity has gotten out of the way, I only had 3 minutes to make it to work on time and that's the story of how I missed breakfast.

Unfortunately, when I got to work, I logged onto Pinterest and started looking at all the new recipes that had been posted since yesterday. I think my stomach is going to turn itself inside out over some of those pictures I saw. Namely, this one:

Seriously? How can you look at that on a day that you missed breakfast and not drool all over your keyboard?

In other news, we're doing Secret Santa at work and the other day, I walked up to the person I drew and said, "Did you get anything good?" The person sighed and said, "I got another soda and more candy. My Secret Santa is trying to make me fat!" Facepalm. I should've known better than to ask.

My Christmas tree only has a string of cranberries around the top 2 layers because the string I made wasn't long enough, and I don't have enough cranberries to make a string long enough to go around the bottom of the tree and I keep forgetting to buy them when I go to the store.

Yesterday, I told a kid that I wasn't going to send him back to class unless he lit something on fire. He promptly got out of his chair and started to fiddle with the printer. I also told a class of second grader's about "pinch, punch, first day of the month!". And now their teacher is telling me that they're pinching and punching each other. I'm just going to stop talking to these kids before I give them any more dangerous ideas.

I've been writing this post over the last hour, in between helping kids do stuff on the computer and my mind had gotten off of the fact that I missed breakfast. Then I sat down to finish the post and I saw the picture of the eggs and bacon baked in the potato and I got hungry all over again. I have decided that Pinterest is self-defeating. And yet, I will be going back there as soon as I post this. I just can't stay away.

Have a great weekend!

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