Monday, August 22, 2011


Welcome friends, to my new "thing". Today shall henceforth and forevermore be known as Music Monday here at Metamorphosis! Whoa, that's a lot of M's. Totally didn't do that on purpose. The point of Music Monday is to share music! Music that you just found and are absolutely loving, music that you've known FOREVER, but want to share again because it's so stinking awesome, or even music that perhaps shouldn't even be counted as such. I will hopefully be able to post at least a clip of the songs that I find each week, if not a YouTube video. On Music Monday, I will also begin posting the setlist of worship music that I will be playing for my Bible study group.

So here we go. The very first Music Monday. I feel I should pause in honor of this auspicious occasion.
Good enough. :-)

The song I want to share this week is becoming one of my favorite worship songs. It is a good song that reminds me a little more of Who God is when I consider the lyrics. I hope you enjoy it and it touches your heart!

My setlist for tonight:
  1. Happy Day - Tim Hughes
  2. Marvelous Light - Charlie Hall
  3. Cannons - Phil Wickham
  4. Revelation Song - Jennie Lee Riddle
I hope you have a wonderful week! I'm having fun seeing all the little ones from my school who have gone from pre-k to kindergarten, kindergarten to first grade and so on. They are all so cute, and even after only knowing them for one school year, they still seem too young to be such big boys and girls. I can only imagine the way all you parents feel.

Happy Music Monday!

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