Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 5, Coming Soon

I did not get a chance to post my Day 5 picture yesterday, but I took it, and I will get it up later today, along with Day 6. I skipped Music Monday in honor of the Labor Day weekend, and due to the fact that on Friday, my sinus and respiratory system staged an all-out attack on my well-being. On Saturday, my asthma joined the assault. It was so sad that the weather was so lovely, but I hardly had the energy to go downstairs to lay on the couch. By Monday evening, I was feeling better, and today, only the final vestiges of battle still remain: a hacking cough and the remnants of what could have become pneumonia if I hadn't stared taking Sudafed 12 hour decongestant and Mucinex. (FYI, those two meds together are what I swear by when it comes to sinus infections and respiratory infections. They clear everything out and keep you from getting really sick if you start taking them at the onset of sinus symptoms).

I did manage to bake some bread and some Nutella Cupcakes this weekend. The cupcakes turned out pretty well, but I think that next time I will frost them. They were just a bit on the dry side.

So that was my weekend. How was yours?

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