Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm Back

So... it's definitely been more than a week since I last posted... I've been home for almost a week now. I'm sorry I haven't blogged, but I needed time to process things.

The last week of camp at Campbellsville was great. It went by much too quickly. That week, I was placed on Ping-pong duty for rec and that ws fun. Campbellsville U has a really cool thing that they call the Student Activity Center. It's an old gymnasium in a building that has 2 stories. The bball court is on the top floor, and on the bottom floor is a room with 3 pool tables, 2 ping pong tables, 2 air hockey tables and a fooseball table. There is also a TV and several couches in that room. It's just a great place for the students to hang out. Which is exactly what many of the GO TELL campers did.

On the first day of camp it rained. It was absolutely lovely, the kind of rain that I LOVE to sleep during. But it was fun to get out and run around in the rain with the kids. During services, I was assigned to run the jam cam, aka the handheld, which is the camera that gets carried around stage. The cool thing about the jam cam is that you can get some really cool shots with it. The bad thing is that it's kinda heavy and after carrying it around on your shoulder for 30 minutes it starts to feel REALLY heavy. But it was still fun!

One of the campers kinda latched on to a few of us interns and she found me on Facebook when she got home, so she and I have been messaging back and forth and that's been neat.

The coolest thing that happened that week (for me anyway) happened on Friday morning. I woke up on Friday still not knowing how I was going to get to the airport in Louisville. I'd been asking about getting rides for the last 6 weeks and had come up with nothing. When I walked into the room where we had staff meeting each morning, there was a young man who I'd never seen before drinking coffee. Turns out that he had been an intern with GO TELL in 2007 and he and his wife had come down to Campbellsville to help close out the camp. Since he was a GO TELL inern, I knew that he probably went to one of the 7 colleges that partner with GO TELL. I asked him where he went and he said Boyce College. Boyce College is in Louisville. At this point I asked if he and his wife lived in Louisville and he said yes. I asked if I could ride back to Louisville with them and they said I could. Problem solved. God took care of me. Again. Big surprise, huh? :-)

So then it was off to Honduras. What an eye-opening experience. I've never before lived in a place where clean water is something very preciously conseved, where the land is so pretty, but the people don't have the resources to care for it so trash is just thrown here and there, where people hear about what Americans have and do and can only imagine such extravagance.... It was quite an experience. But you know, the coolest thing about Honduras was not the beautiful beaches or the jungle or the fact that I could walk under a tree, bump my head on it's fruit and realize that I'd just hit my head on a mango. The coolest thing about Honduras is that the people who are Christians there are just so excited about Heaven. They are not tied down to this earth by their earthly possessions... going there gave new meaning to the verse, "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven," for me.

I was placed on a construction team while in Honduras, and I helped prep a site for the laying of a foundation for a playground. I didn't get to interact with the islanders much while doing this, so I was kinda bummed about that... But I know that God called and provided for me to go on the trip, so I know that He had a purpose in doing so.

So now it's back to real life. Job hunting starts this Saturday (I've been filling in at the SBTC for the last week) and I move into my dorm room next Friday. It's pretty exciting and I still covet your prayers. Thanks for keeping up with me over the summer and thank you so much for praying for me. I cannot express how much I appreciate it. Until next time, God bless!!!

Soli deo gloria,

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