Friday, April 15, 2011

'Fess Up Friday: Fiber, Freeways and... something that doesn't start with "F"


Happy Friday everyone! I am so jazzed that this week is almost over. Only 6 more weeks of school and the kids are going nuts. I'm considering bringing earplugs to school to wear during cafeteria duty.
But then I wouldn't be able to hear it when they start strangling each other. 


In other news, I get to go pick up my dress from the alterators (is that even a word) this afternoon! I hope it fits... Otherwise, I'll have to hop back on the diet bandwagon. And I am not a fan of that bandwagon. I like fried chicken, fried mushrooms, fried oreos (I only have those once every few years at the fair though).
And cake. I like cake too.


In different other news, I got the money from my wedding fund! So now I can start buying things. Pray I don't go into a maniacal spending spree... Because the irresponsible, money-blower inside me is just waiting till I drop my guard and then WHOMP, my bank account suddenly has a hole in it and alllll my money is gone. And the overdraft fees don't help.

*big sigh*

And now on to the main event: Fess Up Friday! Yet another reason to be jazzed for Fridays. :-)
Here we go:
  • A second grader asked me if it is okay to eat the skin on a baked potato. I told her, "Yeah! It's got a lot of fiber and that's really good for you!" She looked at me and said, "What does fiber do?" At that point, I told her the truth. "It helps you poop." I hope she didn't go home and tell her parents that...
  • I was driving to work yesterday, and I remember every moment of the drive, up till about a mile before I should've exited the freeway. At that point I completely spaced and didn't come back to earth until I'd driven past my exit. It kinda scares me that I have no memory of those moments. None whatsoever.
  • I am no fun. I am reminded of this every year as we drive down to the SENT conference because every year, someone decides to play Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" and I cannot stand that stupid song. But everyone else in the van loves it. Case in point: this video. I am the one with her head down on the seat, covering her ears, praying that the song would be over before my eardrums broke from the volume of the music I was blasting through my headphones so I wouldn't be able to hear anything that my friends were singing.
  • I burnt the back of my hand while boiling eggs. There's gotta be a first time for everything, I suppose. Oh! I also figured out how to blow a boiled egg out of it's shell. SO much easier than trying to peel the shell off. Don't worry, I waited till the eggs were very cold before attempting that. I wouldn't put my lips around a boiling hot egg. Just thinking about that hurts. Ouch. 
  •  I only have 3 followers. This bothers me, since I am following... more than 3 blogs. I should probably be worried about things that are happening in my physical life, but I'm stressing over cyberspace. Poo.
That's all the 'fess ups I've got, but stay tuned! I've got more to say!

Sunday is my first wedding shower! I am very excited. It's tempting to go online and check my registries to see what's been purchased. But Matt's mom has informed me that doing so is cheating. All I really want to know is if we've gotten the HDTV we registered for. Or the dishes. Or the bedding. Or everything.
Have a great weekend!!!

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Kira said...

Three things:

I signed up to follow you before I read the last one on your list: this was not a pity follow ;) Also, a friend of mine started blogging in September, claims to have no idea what she is doing, and has 392 followers. Yes, I check her stats. I keep telling myself "I do not blog for strange people to follow me, I blog for me!" And then I go check my friends stats again.

How do you blow an egg out of it's shell?! I must learn this magical skill because I can't peel an egg to save my life.

That story about being no fun is really funny. I actually like that song but only the beginning. I like to think I'm a "party animal" but I'm pretty sure I'm actually a librarian at heart.

Thanks for linking up with me, you make me laugh every time!