Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday, Monday.

I used to have the Garfield and Friends tv show on dvd, and today I am remembering a particular episode where Garfield made a wish that there would never be any more Mondays. Getting rid of Monday turned sour though, when Jon stopped getting paid because Monday was payday and he couldn't go to the grocery store because he always went on Monday, and the kids never went back to school because it was never Monday...

It's a little silly, but today I am wishing that there was an extra day between Sunday and Monday and it was illegal to be busy on that day. I could've used another 24 hours to rest and recover from this weekend. Don't get me wrong, it was a really good weekend, just a crazy one. Friday was pretty low key... I think... I'm not sure I remember what we did Friday evening. On Saturday, we drove all over the place picking up furniture, dropping off furniture, rearranging furniture, and getting ready to have friends over to dinner at my apartment for the very first time. I wish I'd taken pictures of what I made, because it turned out really good, and I was so proud of myself, even though my friends laughed at me when I insisted on using the china (the only real plates I had) to serve the pie I made.

Sunday was church day, and then we rushed to the mall so I could use the coupon I was saving to buy a dress for my bridal shower. We got to the mall at 12:45 or so, and the shower was supposed to start at 2. We made it though, and I scored the dress I wanted for less than 50% of the price on the tag. We rushed back to the church just in time to start saying hello to people as they came to the shower. It was a really nice shower, and for the first time, I really felt like a bride. It's kind of unreal. Especially considering there's only 54 more days till the wedding... We were very blessed by the shower, we got a lot of the kitchen stuff that we wanted. And a lamp, so now the living room isn't so stinking dark after the sun goes down! And some of the softest sheets I've ever felt. Mmm. :-) We got everything unpacked and put away before the sun went down. It's becoming more real. Eek!

I still need to send out invitations, pick all of the music for the ceremony, put together a playlist for the reception, create a "day-of" schedule, choose a hairstyle and accessories, buy gifts for my bridesmaids, send thank you cards... and do anything else I forgot... Maybe we should just elope. Just kidding.

Happy Monday!

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